Best English Speaking Course In Jaipur

Our Spoken English Classes Incude

πŸ‘‰ English Grammar
πŸ‘‰ Speaking Skills
πŸ‘‰ Enriching Vocabulary
πŸ‘‰ Voice and Accent
πŸ‘‰ Writing skills
πŸ‘‰ Professional Communication
πŸ‘‰ Interview PreparationΒ 

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      Why DigiXP Offers The Best English Speaking Course In Jaipur?

      In today’s competitive era of technology and science, language has become an essential part to live up to the industry expectations. You study in small and friendly groups where everyone works hard and has a lot of fun our experts encourage you to speak English from the day you start. Best Spoken English Classes In Jaipur classes helps you improve your spoken English. We are living in an era where English has become the Global language for communication and to grow your career into the corporates one must be efficient into Reading, Writing, Listening and most importantly Speaking English Language. Most of our lives we have been studying English as a subject and that’s where everything goes wrong and most of us failed to learn English as a language. DIGIXP is one of the best spoken English classes in Jaipur which offers you the best English speaking course in Jaipur.

      Learn how Spoken English Classes Course is for people who can Understand, Read but can’t Speak English and want to develop their command over various aspects of Spoken English – Grammar, Pronunciation, Fluency. Letter Writing, Vocabulary, Sentence Framing, Public Speaking, and Group Discussions & Presentations.

      Best Spoken English Classes In Jaipur - DigiXP

      1. English Grammar

      πŸ‘‰ Parts of speech
      πŸ‘‰ A detailed review of Tenses
      πŸ‘‰ Modal verbs(Request/ permission/ wish etc.)
      πŸ‘‰ Reported speech
      πŸ‘‰ Passive Voice
      πŸ‘‰ Clauses
      πŸ‘‰ Conditionals
      πŸ‘‰ Past Modals

      2. Speaking Skills

      πŸ‘‰ Role play/skits
      πŸ‘‰ Extempore /JAM sessions
      πŸ‘‰ Group discussion
      πŸ‘‰ Debate
      πŸ‘‰ Theatre activities
      πŸ‘‰ Presentations
      πŸ‘‰ News Reporting

      3. Enriching Vocabulary

      πŸ‘‰ Functional Vocabulary
      πŸ‘‰ Vocabulary through mnemonics
      πŸ‘‰ Commonly used idioms
      πŸ‘‰ Conversational phrases
      πŸ‘‰ Colloquial words
      πŸ‘‰ Phrasal verbs

      4. Voice and Accent

      πŸ‘‰ Accent neutralization
      πŸ‘‰ MTI Removal
      πŸ‘‰ Syllable and Word Stress
      πŸ‘‰ Falling and Rising Intonation
      πŸ‘‰ Tongue Twisters

      5. Professional Communication

      πŸ‘‰ Personality Development
      πŸ‘‰ Interview Preparation
      πŸ‘‰ Time management
      πŸ‘‰ Stress Management
      πŸ‘‰ Career Management
      πŸ‘‰ Telephonic skill

      6. Writing skills

      πŸ‘‰ Essay/Letter Writing
      πŸ‘‰ Descriptive writing
      πŸ‘‰ E- mail writing
      πŸ‘‰ Writing Reports And Notices

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      Best English Speaking Course (Spoken English Classes) In Jaipur

      DIGIXP is one of the best spoken English course institute in Jaipur, which provides basic & advanced English speaking classes. We have a team of expertise that provide better learning style to every student. We have tendency to deliver best training include both practical and theoretical to every students.

      What Our Students Are Saying About Our English Speaking Course

      We are very proud of the English Speaking course we provide and stand by every service we carry. Read our testimonials from the students who took in our Spoken English Classes In Jaipur.
      I did the English Speaking course from DigiXp and after three months I am quite confident in this field. DigiXP has changed the way I used to speak.
      Raj Sharma Founder at Digiofy
      After completing my Spoken English classes from DigiXp. I am now doing my job in the very good company with more confidence ever before.
      Shilpa Daswani Marketing Specialist

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        Best Institute For Spoken English Classes In Jaipur

        Our customized English speaking Course is one of the finest option available in Jaipur. At DIGIXP Jaipur, we know that good communication is the one key to your success. The DIGIXP spoken English classes method ensures that you will speak more accurately, confidently.

        At DIGIXP we work with all the practical methods to enhance the ability to understand English as language and help our students to start communicating without any hesitation. We hope that all our students can learn English properly and have a great Professional life Ahead.

        To be successful in your social life and career, you need to speak English well at DIGIXP Jaipur. So contact “Digixp Spoken English Classes” for Best English Speaking Course In Jaipur.

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