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7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Adopt Email Newsletter In 2020

The odds are stacked against small business owners from the get-go. In most cases, you have to work twice as hard with half the staff just to equal the same output as some competitors with more resources at their disposal. So why not do everything you can to help build your company and brand? Regardless of the type of business you run, Email Newsletters are a simple, effective Marketing Strategy to draw in casual consumers or keep loyal customers happy. Email Newsletters have been around since the dawn of the Internet, but they’re not going anywhere.

Below are seven reasons why your company should adopt an Email Newsletter in Digital Marketing.

1. Provide information through Email Newsletter

This is easy, and quite frankly, a little obvious. It’s probably safe to say your company has a website, but the tough part about lesser-known sites is drawing eyeballs. You have to promote your site and work for every page view and visit.

Or, instead of forcing consumers to seek your site out, hand it right to them on a silver platter. If you get them to sign up for an Email Newsletter, you can link back to your site in the email as often as you want. It’s an Effective Marketing Strategy to draw people to your site, where they can check out everything you have to offer.

On top of that, you can inform consumers of upcoming events, discount or new products. Having a month-long sale? Send it out in the newsletter and spread the word yourself, proactively. Have a new product about to hit the market? What better way to get the information out there than from your own brand?

2. Get the word out there

Just like you can get your website noticed, you can also get your products out there. Market your new product via promotional emails. Ride the wave of success of a popular product by highlighting it in the newsletter. Gear entire emails around one specific product to ensure the consumer’s focus will be on just that one item.

3. Stay relevant in your Email Newsletters

With so many companies out there all competing with social media and multiple email accounts for a person’s attention, it can be very easy to fade into the background. But with a consistent, interesting Email Newsletter, you can stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

4. Open Lines of Communication

Most of the time, the only people that will take the time to provide comment are those that are completely satisfied with the product or those who want to complain.

Don’t wait for customers to seek you out to provide feedback and give them an avenue via email. If consumers are getting newsletters directly to their inbox, they won’t have to go out of their way to provide feedback and your company will be better for it.

5. Build Relationship through Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters can build loyalty. For one, if consumers know their valuable feedback isn’t falling on deaf ears, it builds trust. You can foster relationships with the customer by providing a two-way street for communication. Email Newsletters are a simple, natural way to break down the barrier between the business and the consumer.

6. Reward Customers in your Email Newsletters

If they’re signed up for your email newsletter, the toughest part is done. It means they’re already interested enough in your product or ideas and they want more, either now or down the road. Your best customers will be signed up for your Email Newsletter, so why not reward them for their loyalty?

Send out coupons, discounts or special offers exclusive to newsletter subscribers. If you’re sending them an email regularly, it won’t be hard to make the customers happy.

7. It works—and we have statistics to prove it.

A survey done says 77 percent of consumers said they prefer to receive permission-based marketing via email. Also, 44 percent of email recipients completed one or more purchases based on a promotional email in the last year. Need more proof? Some reports as much as 82 percent of consumers end up opening emails from companies. Email newsletters take very little time or money and are Effective Marketing Strategies for a variety of companies.

These are seven of the best reasons to start a promotional Email Newsletter for your company. Let us know what has—and has not—worked for you in the comments below.