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Conversion Rate Optimization Made Easy: Basic CRO Guide for AdWords

Defining goals is essential when we run a website and even more. So to try to make the site more relevant to ads, increase traffic, and generate revenue. With conversion optimization, we can introduce a metric for our campaigns to calculate how many people have achieved their goals.

And now, an even more important feature can be calculated: ROI (Return On Investment) !

Conversions and Measurements

What is Conversion? Those who have not yet met this concept in their AdWords ads can easily understand their meaning: we call a conversion when a visitor to our website reaches the goal we’ve set. I could also say that it converts from a “field” visitor to a client or potential client.

This is typically purchased, but conversion can be a newsletter subscription or, for example, a registration, a quote request. What exactly is a conversion can be determined by accurately defining the purpose or goals of the page?

With the help of the AdWords system, these conversions can be measured so that we can see at the keyword level which led to our goals and how much it has cost us. From the margin of the advertised product or service, is it easy to determine whether the amount spent on conversion is worth paying, is our ad paid in Hungarian?

So far, slap simple, right? Well, let’s screw one now!

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Assisted conversion

There are areas that don’t directly or hardly convert. What do I mean by direct conversion? Clicking on our ad and converting it instantly, up to 30 days; will prevent you from clicking on your ad again during this 30-day period.

There are, however, some of the parts that will help the person interested to make our website known in the early stages of decision-making.

Because of what, for example, are we looking for a printer? There is not always a brand preference for people, they just want to buy a printer. What can such a man enter into the search engine?

If you want to have a home, typically everybody thinks about the word of the printer, but this can lead to too many impressions, especially if it is not accurate. Perhaps a better solution would be to focus on printer prices, printer shopping, and similar terms in two or more words.

If you are looking for a printer for an office in your office, the printer office, office printer, high-performance printer, and others are coming.

It is important that at this point they do not know what they want. In this case, it is more likely that they will look more at the hit list, even at lower positions.

You may not be buying at this point, because – for example – buying a technical product requires careful walking. Look at forums, descriptions, reviews, compare more brands, types, and get your printer from buying purchases through the canon printer to searching for a specific type.

If we advertise for these more general terms and clicks on us. There is a good chance that they will not become instant buyers. However, when you are looking for a specific type, you may not only be able to see a specific offer. But you may have the advantage of having met our site earlier. Conversion optimization is then associated with keywords such as canon ip4300 or Epson sx210, but clicking on the canon printer or even clicking on the printer to buy is not a waste of money, so they are called. assisted conversions.

The keywords that help assisted conversions are important to identify and not to stop. Because without them, you may lose your earnings later.

That’s all right now, let’s just throw those thoughts away; next time we’ll see what they mean by Conversion Optimization and look at the concept of CPA.