Complete Difference Between Google AdWords and Analytics 2020

A returning question in many places is that when you compare your AdWords and Analytics data, we see different results, which is why we don’t know who to believe suddenly. Let’s look at some explanations of such “anomalies”.

How to measure

An important difference is that when someone clicks on an AdWords ad, it doesn’t actually arrive on our site in the first round, but on a Google page that then directs us immediately. So, apparently, the user comes to us right away. Why?

Because with this method you can measure the click even if you have JavaScript disabled in your browser. But even if the target page is not working at all. With a little bit of material, this ensures that you pay for the click. Even if your page is not appearing or working incorrectly with Google’s error.

Google Analytics measurements, on the other hand, start when the visitor arrives on the page and from now on everything depends on how long the browser stores the cookies (cookies) put by Analytics. If they are deleted for some reason; the next time we visit our website, it will count as a new visitor.

Analytics measurement is therefore highly dependent on the user’s browser settings. But it is also necessary for the AdWords conversion data to work in a non-paranoid mode.

Defining the source

It’s important to know what source Analytics assigns to a goal.

Once a user reaches one of these sources, a visit to the site is coming from that source. By default, Subsequent visits to your site from other sources, Such as from a paid search engine link, an AdWords link, or a banner ad, will override the campaign Earlier cookie information. In that case, the visit will then appear in your traffic reports. However, a direct traffic visit is an ongoing campaign.

For example, if someone clicks on our site when you click on an AdWords ad, then leave it and return it to us through another website link. Then convert it to Analytics for that particular web-page; while in AdWords it will be the same conversion as if we hadn’t collapsed to another website.

Turn! If the visitor originally came directly to our Website by tapping the address of our website or by clicking on a bookmark (favorites) link, this is what the so-called. you will not lose a direct traffic indicator even if you continue to read on the web on other websites and then click on the link found on one of them