Email Subject Lines

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Subject Lines In 2020

Your email can’t be read if it isn’t opened. You’re selling yourself and your company short if you don’t consistently take the time to create the best Email Subject Lines possible to draw interest and ensure the high click-through rates. Think of the subject line as a headline of an article. It has to draw people in, spark their interest and give them a reason to click on the email instead of immediately tossing it into the trash.

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According to a survey, 64 percent of people admitted they open an email because of the subject line. These five ways should help you step up your Email Marketing game when creating subject lines and getting those emails opened:

1. Keep it short and sweet

A study points out, subject lines less than 10 characters have an open rate of 58 percent, significantly better than longer subject lines. In the world of Twitter, people live their lives 140 characters at a time. Don’t try to entice them with a novel in your subject line. You’ll just lose their interest.

2. Spark interest in your Email Subject Lines

Speaking of interest level, give people a reason to open your Email Newsletter. Whether it’s a consumer, a group of colleagues or another business, nobody wants to be bored. If your subject line is boring, it can be easily deduced that the email will be boring as well.

In terms of not opening an email, 61 percent of people cited “not being interested” as a reason for not clicking on the message. One way to spark interest is to play into people’s love of lists. They know when they see a “Top 10…” or “5 Reasons…” subject line, the email will be quick and easy to read.

An email subject line can do the same thing. Ask a question, provide only part of the information, use exciting language. Create a subject line that leaves people wanting more.

3. Know your audience

It may be hard to do, but keeping emails personal can be awfully Effective Marketing Strategy. A study found personalized subject lines are 22.2 percent more likely to be opened. However, even if you’re sending an email to a large group of people, you can make things personal. Is your target audience a group of consumers that are stay-at-home moms? Are you appealing to sports fans? Are you emailing the staff of another company? Keep the audience at the forefront as you craft an email subject line.

People have different interests, obviously, so you won’t be able to always draw everybody in. But if you target one specific niche every now and then, you can increase the click-through and open rates for that target audience.

4. Include numbers in your Email Subject Lines

Money makes the world go ’round. In business-to-business emails, Some found Email Subject Lines using words like “profit” and “revenue” perform at the highest level.

In business-to-consumer emails, just as people respond to lists, they are also intrigued by numbers. From monetary discounts (“Save $5 with your next order”) to percentage coupons (“20 percent off in February”) to lists (“10 items you need for this holiday season”), numbers are an easy way to craft clean, simple emails.

5. Language matters

Don’t underestimate keywords in the subject line. While working in dollar signs and monetary values pays off, other keywords can have a huge impact. A study regarding Email Subject Lines found incorporating words like “video” and “exclusive” can help across varying sectors of emails. In business-to-consumer emails, phrases such as “percent off,” “sale” and “new” also perform better.

How much stock do you put into your Email Subject Lines? What practices have you found help increase the metrics for your company? Let us know any tips or thoughts in the comment section below.