Publishing on Facebook

4 Best Practices for Publishing on Facebook Business Page

We normally focus on brand-blogger relationships but the same best practices and government guidelines may also affect your Facebook Page. Here are four things to keep in mind about your Facebook Branding and Publishing on Facebook.

  1. Employment is “Consideration”:

    The FTC requires that any consideration from an endorser be Publishing on Facebook; “consideration” includes anything that might sway endorsers’ words and this includes employment. Posting an endorsement or review on your Facebook Page without disclosing that they are employees is unacceptable. This includes commenting on other Facebook Pages or Facebook content just as it does comment on blogs.

  2. Video Contests by Facebook Publishing Tools

    If you are soliciting Facebook videos about how much fans love your product. To be in the running for a million dollar prize this is the same as you would requiring a blog post about your product as a contest entry. Help fans by requiring that they include a link to your contest rules or an including the contest name in the video description. This disclosure will protect your fans and will raise awareness of the contest.

  3. Publishing in Celebrity Status Updates:

    Facebook User Guidelines have forbidden the status for sale. Do make sure that any celebrity spokespeople disclose their relationship with you. Should they be posting about your products a lot? There is no standard format for this disclosure. The status update might include (sponsor) in the text or the celebrity might list the sponsorship or spokesperson relationship prominently on their Page information.

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  4. Publishing of Celebrity Photos:

    If celebrities and Influencers are seen using your products in paid advertisements or at your events. It’s understood that these are paid endorsements and no disclosure is needed. A photo of a celebrity using your product lacking any description or context is more ambiguous. To be safe, if you are posting photos of paid celebrities or event attendees using your products make sure to add a note to the album description or under each photo as to where the photo came from.

Remember to use common sense with Social Media Campaigns just as you do traditional advertising campaigns and keep your customers’ best interest in mind. No matter how much you study this stuff don’t forget the gut check: if you think you might need to be disclosing something you probably do.