Gmail Features

5 Amazing Gmail Features you must know for Online Business

In today’s world of modern technology, everything has taken an online turn. Sending and receiving electronic mails or emails have become an important part of our lives. Nobody has been left out from using and having an email account. Google is one of the most popular organizations that offer email account service. Gmail is a free online emailing service offered by Google. Gmail has more than 1 billion dynamic users from around the world. Google’s Gmail service standout amongst the most famous email services on the planet.

What Is Exactly Gmail?

Gmail is a free emailing service that is given by Google. From many angles, it resembles every other email administrating service.  You can send and get emails instantly, blocking of spam, you can make an email address book, backup data in Gmail backup and perform some other emailing task. This all comes under Gmail Features.

Be that as it may, it obviously has some progressively advanced features and highlights that help in making Gmail the most well-favored mainstream online Email Service. It is a service that helps you in automatically organizing successively related emails into the conversational threads.

 Also, Gmail has its own app available for all the devices, so you can operate it on your smartphones as well. It is a private as well as a secure option.

Reasons to prefer Gmail over other emailing services:

Features #1: No Advertisements on Emails:

There is a promotion tab available in the Gmail account and these ads look a bit too like real emails. Although they are limited to the promotion tab, these still can be annoying for some people. You can limit these promotion emails by going to the setting and then to configure inbox. Here you can unpick the promotion tab and click on save. It does not put advertisements on messages or attach anything to your active mail.

Features #2: Spam Filtering:

Most emailing services offer you a spam filter nowadays but the Google accounts spam filtering is the most effective. You are not required to waste time with junk mails and unwanted emails. Gmail blocks all the spam before it gets in your inbox.

In case an unwanted email happens to be in your inbox, you can immediately report it to Gmail security and can help to make the spam filters even better. It uses some advanced methods to keep the spam emails out of your inbox. Most of the spam is automatically sent to the separate junk email folder and is deleted after 30 days often.

Features #3: Offer you more space:

Gmail also became the household name also due to by giving away the Google account users a substantial amount of storage space. Instead of requiring deleting you important old emails for more space, you just archive them all. Nowadays, it offers its users storage space across all Google accounts including Google Drive for free. You can also buy extra storage in case you need it.

Features #4: Find your emails instantly:

All the users of Gmail can use the search bar giving within the Gmail account in order to find a certain email of your choice just by entering the name, despite the fact that when it was sent or received by you. With its usage, you can save a lot of your time and you do not have to waste your time in sorting your email. Just search and find your email.

Features #5: Gmail backup system:

You can never predict the future of your important data such as emails, chats, contacts and other important documents. At any moment You can loss precious data. Gmail offers you to safely back up your data. It does not matter what happens but your Spin backup service will be back up your data safely.