Earning in Digital Marketing

How Much Salary various Digital Marketing Managers Earn?

Professionals in the marketing field are referred to by a number of different titles. This may vary by corporation and responsibility. In today’s world of modern technology; the Internet is one of the prime components in any type of marketing campaign for all types of business. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does not offer any wage statistics regarding the title of Digital Marketer”. However, the bureau does offer detailed information about a number of other positions within the field and all of them rely on Online Marketing techniques for effective campaigning.

Advertising and Promotions Managers

  • Advertising managers usually work for ad agencies directing client campaigns or for individual companies overseeing all of a business’ marketing endeavors. Promotions managers use a combination of consumer purchasing incentives and advertising techniques to increase product sales. Both positions include applying Internet marketing techniques to advertising and promotional endeavors. Median wages for both advertising and promotions managers was around $80,220 per year, according to BLS statistics.

Marketing Managers

  • Marketing managers work in a variety of different fields and industries. They work directly with promotion and advertising managers to market a company’s products and services. Most marketing managers consult with product development and consumer research managers. This establishes and executes vast varieties of advertising and promotional strategies including Internet marketing. This position also entails a good deal of analytic responsibilities and online surveying. This helps to identify target markets and estimate product demand. According to the BLS, the median annual salary for marketing managers was $108,580.

Public Relation Managers

  • A public relations manager is responsible for marketing a client’s good reputation. Public relations managers use a variety of Digital Marketing techniques to create — and maintain — a favorable public image for the business or client. A commonly used term for such techniques is “online reputation management”. This usually includes blogging, article and press release syndication and social networking techniques performed via the Internet. BLS reports that of all the public relation managers surveyed during the reporting period, the median average salary was close to $89,430 yearly.

Industrial Variances

  • The amount of money you might expect to earn as Digital Marketer may vary considerably according to your particular field of industry. A study provides salary information relevant to the top five employment markets for marketing managers. The top-paying industries are as follows; depository credit intermediation, insurance carriers management, scientific, and technical consulting services, management of companies and enterprises and computer systems design and related services.


You may also start an Online Business in Digital Marketing with the skills you have and can earn even more if you go well.