Why Email Newsletters are needed to increase your Business?

Many businesses, particularly small and medium business owners, wonder if Email Newsletters are really needed. With all the talk of spam and junk emails filling everyone’s email boxes, it is worth the time to study the need for Email Newsletters.

We can consider Email Marketing in the following Categories:

  • Newsletters,
  • Product launch updates,
  • Reminders,
  • Event Invites,
  • Case Studies.

All these are commonly grouped into one as newsletters by most of the users. Obviously, newsletters can include any of the above subjects.

Don’t look for immediate Converts or Sales

Many Email Marketing users complain that they do not see immediate returns for their email communications, especially newsletters. Please remember that sending newsletters for those who have opted-in is part of the marketing activities. And purpose marketing is not to force everyone to buy your products and services immediately.

Marketing communication is for:

  • Educating Prospects,
  • Engaging the Customers,
  • Reinforcing the Brands,
  • Slowly converting the prospects to Leads.

 Marketing looks at the long term and not the short term. Email Marketing Newsletters serve the same purpose.

Educate the Prospects and Customers

Email Newsletter is an excellent tool in the hands of a marketer to educate everyone, including prospects, suspects, current customers, and past customers. Even customers who have moved away from you will come back to you if you continue to inform them of timely newsletters.

Follow the Rules

Recollect that Email Marketing is permission-based; hence follow the rules – seek their permission before sending emails, unsubscribe them immediately if they opt-out, keep the email frequency to the minimum, personalize and target emails instead of blasting to everyone on your list.

Results are not 100% measurable

It is very difficult to track the conversions (leads, sales) in the case of Email Marketing unless you are an online consumer services vendor, selling only on the web. Many customers use multiple email addresses and not necessarily that they should use the same email address while ordering and buying.

Also, they might do the research by clicking on the links in the Email, then come back later, use a different email address and buy the goods or services. There is no way to relate and track these transactions unless you ask for and they provide the ‘lead source’.

Also, the subscriber receiving the Email Newsletter may not become a customer but may recommend your products to his/her colleagues, friends, or family members. There is no definitive way to know that your newsletter communication has helped you close this sale!

Engage the Subscribers

Email Newsletters are used to engage your subscribers, except looking for immediate leads, converts or sales. During the days of direct mails, it is impossible to do this due to the prohibitive cost of printing and postage. With the advent of Internet Technology and widespread usage of Email Marketing, it is very cost effective to inform, educate and engage the customers. Ask the subscriber about his tastes, areas of interest, frequency of mailing and feedback. If the subscriber intends to opt-out of your email list, don’t despair; he might come back to you if your subject is of interest to him; otherwise, he is saving you money and time!

Please share your thoughts on this subject!