Answer these 3 Basic PPC Questions before starting Online Ad

Let’s talk about the basics for a minute. We field a lot of questions about paid search, and today we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Pay Per Click(PPC).

Can I bid on my competitor’s brand name keywords?

The short answer is “Yes, you can.” In days past, it was considered taboo to bid on your competitor’s brand name. Companies would hire agencies to scour the Web searching for anyone who was bidding on their brand names and send them to cease and desist letters.

However, rules have changed and it is now considered best practice in most agencies to encourage PPC strategies for their clients to bid against competitors. What companies cannot do, however, is include trademark names in their PPC Advertisements. Google and Bing will both disapprove your ads and penalize you if you try to use trademark names in your ads.

What are the Negative Keywords and how do they help me in my PPC campaign?

Negative Keywords are keywords companies select to prevent their ads from showing up on searches that are irrelevant to their business. For example, a manufacturer of hiking boots that had “hiking boots” as either a phrase match or broad match keyword, would want a negative keyword of “snow” since they do not sell snow boots. What a company does not want to do is include a keyword that is part of their business.

In this example, the company would not want a negative keyword of snow boots, since boots are a keyword they are bidding on. This not only is good business practice, it further qualifies your lead and prevents unwanted click costs.

Does the Quality score really matter?

Quality score is the search engine’s rank of how relevant your keyword is to the information on your website as well as how useful it is to a user searching for products and services online. Scores range from 0 to 10 with 10 out of 10 being the highest a keyword can receive.

Quality score affects not only the cost per click a company will pay for a keyword but also how high your ads rank in the search engine. Your quality score is an important factor in your pay per click campaigns, and companies want to do what they can to make sure their quality score is as high as it can be.

The more relevant your keywords are to your business, the higher the quality score will be.  Companies should work closely with their web development team and their search engine marketing team, to make sure that keywords are on the site and the pay per click campaign that makes the most sense to the products or services sold.