8 Tips For Effective Email For Leads

In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was direct E-mail. Those fancy yellow postcards, those long and well thought out sales letters, those envelopes stuffed full of brochures and feature charts.

Most business–to–business has used direct mail in some form or another, with some being more successful than others.

The one commonality today is that direct marketing as we’ve known it in the past is becoming less and less effective.

With the advent of relatively inexpensive E-mail Campaigns, a whole new paradigm has been created as to the etiquette required to pique interest without ending up in the spam can.

Let’s take a quick look at a few helpful hints that will enable you to create a successful Email Marketing plan to maximize your Leads.



You have to have a plan when you E-mail your customers and prospects in the first place.

What is it that you’re trying to achieve? Better yet, ask yourself why would your prospects want to hear from you and what useful information can you provide to the recipients of your campaign?



Remember to ask yourself, what device is your customer using to read your E-mails? Are they at home watching on their widescreen High Def computer monitor? Or are they reading it from their iPhone or Android phone? It could be anything in between.

So you have to ask yourself before you begin; what format works the best? Should I put a lot of graphics in the E-mail? Shall I include a short video? What’s the benefit of a large file attachment?

It is also very important to make sure that you sample your E-mail template in all of these potential environments.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, so what makes you think you can educate your customers in two or three E-mails? Create a monthly content calendar for the next 12 months and establish the goals for each week prior to distribution. Your timeline and steps will vary depending on your industry, type of content and calendar.

Just remember, that too much information can be as bad as none at all.


Try to offer a choice of topics. If you’re publishing about a distinct type of content let your prospects have a choice of what type of information to get. It’s better than losing them entirely, which can happen if they feel inundated with irreverent content.

The best way to do that is to segment your content into distinct newsletters for topical sending. Give them a choice of subject matter when they sign up to your list through your landing pages.


How often should you send information to your prospects? Who knows? Your prospects do. Let them tell you how often they would like to hear from you–bimonthly, monthly, quarterly or semiannually.

Remember the point about drinking from a fire hydrant. You don’t want to communicate too infrequently, but if you spend too much, too often your subscribers will feel overloaded with your E-mails and may unsubscribe or, worse, report you as a spammer!


“if you love someone, set them free – if they come back, they are yours forever.”. This applies to your unsubscribes as well. If they want to go, make it easy with an unsubscribe link within your E-mail.

Not only is this a requirement of Can-Spam, but it shows that you respect their time and preferences. And out of respect, don’t ask customers to retype your E-mail Address or to sign up for an account just to unsubscribe. Such barriers will only frustrate them and could lead to complaints or angry reviews.


Like in any relationship, there is no perfect fit. However, by taking care of your prospect and making every move with them in mind, you can nurture a relationship that will benefit you both. Be it merely friendship or an intense love affair, it will be built on respect.